Tatuli Gubeladze’s grateful patient

Tatuli Gubeladze’s grateful patient

I'd like to inform you that on the 6th of May, 2019 my spouse T. Ch was brought in to your clinic.

I also note that in six months, I have been in a number of different clinics, but as soon as I came to this clinic, I felt the attention of doctors, their attitude towards patients, their support and professionalism.

I particularly would like to mention the doctors of the neurology department Ms. Tatuli Gubeladze and Mr. Nika Kvernadze. Also, doctors and paramedics in the neurology department.

Immense gratitude to you for selecting such proper and professional cadres.

Please encourage the best doctors Ms. Tatuli Gubeladze and Mr. Nika Kvernadze.

Thank you very much for the attention, warmth and what’s the most important, patient’s recovery.

Your boundless hard work granted many patients a life.

Patient’s spouse J. Ch