A career path chosen in childhood and an unmistakable formula for success

A career path chosen in childhood and an unmistakable formula for success

Meet the nurse in the Department of Hemodialysis, Nephrology, and Transplantation

Name:  Elene

Surname: Lasurashvili

Position: Nurse of Hemodialysis, Nephrology and Transplantation Department

Education: Secondary medical education                      

Hobbies: Reading, Travel, Culinary

I arrived at the National Center of Surgery in an unexpected manner. I was working at another dialysis center and had no intention of changing jobs, but my twin worked at this facility, and due to the maternity leave of one of the nurses, the clinic desperately needed a professional nurse working in the field. That's how I ended up in our clinic, and what began as a temporary job has now been my second family for the past six years. It is worth noting that the National Center of Surgery proved to be an innovative clinic for me. I developed professionally as a result of the conferences and training held here. At the same time, I need to work on cutting-edge technology. I met a new professional team member and made new friends in a new work setting, and I've been working with them since 2015. My childhood ambition was to be a doctor, to care about people and their welfare. Despite the fact that I was unable to become a doctor, I was able to fulfill a childhood dream and am now an integral part of the medical sector. When a relative of mine developed chronic kidney pathology and needed hemodialysis, I was very young. He had to undergo the procedure at the clinic three times a week. Despite the illness, the patient always spoke with gratitude and warmth to the staff working in the hemodialysis department. I became interested in the particulars of this area after witnessing the greatest warmth and attention among patients and nurses. This was enhanced by the fact that the nurses were extremely competent. This story influenced my career choice. My main hobby is traveling, and after a rough day, I always read a book. I also enjoy cooking. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing, I'd still practice medicine! I will encourage prospective nurses to work hard to achieve their goals and conquer any obstacles that might arise. Work done from the heart is the key formula for success.