A nurse, who has worked at the National Center of Surgery for 45 years

A nurse, who has worked at the National Center of Surgery for 45 years

Meet the Outpatient Department Wound Care Nurse

Name: Louisa

Surname: Zhvania

Position: Nurse

Education: Secondary Special

Hobby: Culinary

I arrived at the National Center of Surgery when the whole country referred to it as the „Institute of Surgery“. I've been an integral part of this clinic since 1977, and I'm proud to have served with some of the greatest surgeons of our time. I recall with fondness how we prepared to meet Academician Kellerman, who was visiting from Moscow and conducting operations alongside our esteemed surgeons. I've been in the medical field for so long that I believe I've seen every era of Georgian medicine, from the fire at the Institute of Surgery to the tragic death of Vakhtang Pipia, the former director of our clinic. I adore my profession so much that I can't imagine doing anything else. I was really young, my throat hurt, and when I was taken to the doctor, the doctor treated me so warmly that I decided that when I grew up, I should also become a doctor - I said. Although I have not completed medical school, I am grateful to be a full member and integral part of the medical community. Of course, my free time is spent with my family. I enjoy cooking at the same time. When someone praises my recent food, I'm overjoyed. And I encourage young people to pursue their passions. Do it with passion and dedication, and you will always succeed!