Meet knit-loving nurse who has worked at National Center of Surgery for 48 years

Meet knit-loving nurse who has worked at National Center of Surgery for 48 years

Name, Surname: Tsiala Kintsurashvili.

Position: Nurse.

Education: Tbilisi N2 Nursing School, nursing

Marital status: married.

Hobby: Knitting.

Mrs. Tsiala stated in an interview – “I’ve been loyal to our clinic for 48 years. My relative who worked at the National Center of Surgery told me that they were in need of a nurse. New colleagues welcomed me warmly, but despite the pleasant environment, I was still nervous. I always respected medicine. I can't even remember another profession that requires this much self-sacrifice. Practically, in most cases, human life is in doctor's hands. I finished my nursing activity when I got married and had kids. Those who have families will understand what I’m saying. In my youth, it wasn’t easy to take care of children and achieve success in your career at the same time. That exact benevolence and respect, united and caring collective enabled me or even gave me a push not to give up, overcome every obstacle and for 48 years stay at the establishment that became my second family. I made numerous loyal friends at the clinic. Nowadays, these loyal friends are invaluable. As for private life, my spouse has passed away, I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. My children have chosen a different profession and haven’t followed the path of medicine. During my free time, I love knitting and perhaps I am even good at this handwork. Young people will be surprised to know that clothes weren’t sold everywhere years ago. You might had money but still werent able to find the desired thing. Nowadays, no matter where you go, shop windows are full of various fabrics, as for my youth, you took care of your clothes. I loved buying threads and knitting. I even knitted overcoats,  dresses, and hats. Not only for me but for my children and relatives. Gave them as gifts on my friends’ birthdays. I’m still friends with a crochet needle. I finished nursing with honors and still feel bad that I couldn’t pass physics because my children were little at that time and I was practically fighting a battle on two front lines. Who knows how good of a doctor would I become if I passed physics."