Travel-loving anesthesiologist who has been working at National Center of Surgery for 48 years

Travel-loving anesthesiologist who has been working at National Center of Surgery for 48 years

Name, Surname: Ineza Dolidze

Position: anesthesiologist.

Education: Dagestan Medical Institute, faculty of medicine.

Marital status: married

Hobby: traveling.

Mrs. Ineza stated in an interview with us – “Medicine is truly an integral part of my life. Initially, I wanted to become a surgeon, but in the end, I chose anesthesiology and never regretted my decision. I’m proud of my work and I’m very glad to be part of this clinic or rather, a part of one big family, I love patients first and foremost. I believe you should love patients, otherwise, you won't be able to treat them. Every day for 48 years, I enter the operation ward, and at each operation, I’m convinced of the power of smile and warmth directed toward patients. When you smile at the patient before the anesthesia, s/he will smile back no matter how scared s/he might be. In my opinion, at that minute, goodwill is truly everything for the patient. I was only 24 years old when I started to work at National Center of Surgery. Our clinic is named after Academician Konstantine Eristavi, an outstanding scientist and one of the founders of scientific surgery in Georgia. I was honored to have known him personally. He was kind to all the staff, polite and remarkable gentleman. When Mr. Konstantine appeared, every doctor and nurse in a hall was full of deference, but he was such a kind person that never caused a person to feel tense. After he passed away, Gigla Ioseliani was appointed director. I will never forget his support and will always be grateful for that. For 48 years, I’ve administered anesthesia, and even today, before the operation, I'm as nervous as I was years ago, when I was a little girl. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit this...I’m entrusted with a patient’s life! I work at a multi-profile clinic, in a department equipped with ultramodern medical equipment. Said department greatly contributes to saving lives every day for 24 hours! I’m a travel-loving grandmother of 6 dearest grandchildren. I’ve visited around 20 countries. I’m very fascinated with Asia. Nepal, with its' fabulous landscapes, ancient monasteries, and the best pedestrian routes and mysterious India full of contrasts, left an unforgettable impression on me. U.S, Italy, Austria, and Spain also left a deep impression on me and would gladly go back to visit.  In a few weeks, I’m visiting exotic Morocco to fulfill the dream of my youth.”