Meet the lady who has been loyally serving National Center of Surgery for 44 years

Meet the lady who has been loyally serving National Center of Surgery for 44 years

Name, surname: Darejan Shukakidze.

Position: Archivist of National Center of Surgery

Education: Ilia Chavchavadze Institute of Foreign Languages, faculty of French language and literature.

Hobby: reading books

Our interview with Ms. Darejan Shukakidze ended on this warm note – “I was fascinated with volleyball in my teenage years. I played in Tbilisi volleyball team until 10th grade and was even invited to join the national volleyball team of Georgia. I, together with my teammates, exercised for 2 hours 3 days a week. Don’t take it as a boast, but coach used to call me a "queen of volleyball" because of athletic abilities.  Unfortunately, after I enrolled at university, I stopped pursuing active sports – I could not balance my studies with sports in my student years. I’m still an active fan and viewer of volleyball. I have never missed European, and World Championship matches in volleyball. I remember my teenage years during every broadcast. I also really love traveling. I’ve visited almost every region of Georgia, albeit I haven’t been to Khevsureti yet, hopefully, will visit one day. I’ve traveled to 5 countries abroad.  Saint Petersburg and Dresden left a very deep impression on me. The coexistence of National Center of Surgery and I began 44 years ago, when I just finished the institute. I used to work as a librarian in the library of the clinic, later as the chief of the scientific library and now – in the archives. I don’t know and can't even imagine how my life would develop without National Center of Surgery! I will always be grateful to our clinic for loyal friends and beloved work it has given me”.