A nurse who has been caring for patients for 42 years in National Center of Surgery

A nurse who has been caring for patients for 42 years in National Center of Surgery

Name, Surname: Nino Tabatadze

Position: Nurse of endoscopy cabinet

Education: Akhaltsikhe Medical Institute, nurse

Marital status: married.

Hoppy: reading books, cooking.

Mrs. Nino stated - “I’ve loved medicine so much since my childhood that in my imagination I already was a doctor and “treated” plastic dolls. I even created a scenario where my doll would get sick in the kindergarten, and then I would measure her temperature, give her fever-reducing medication and imagine, the doll even needed an injection on few occasions. Like that, I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, but life connected me to the profession of a nurse. I think that a nurse should love her specialization and a patient so much that the trust of the patient has to be earned, albeit professional knowledge and confidence come first. For the past 42 years, I’ve been involved in the treatment of who knows how many patients. I’ve witnessed numerous severe clinical cases, but for some reason, I always remember this one. This moment is forever stuck in my mind. In the 1990s, because of social and political events of Georgia, the infrastructure of the clinic was practically deteriorated. For adolescents, it might be hard to imagine, but representatives of my generation will understand. Imagine that there was a period when only operating rooms were connected to energy sources. The young man was brought to the emergency. The injured patient was in an extremely severe condition and had to be transferred to the operation room. We couldn’t start the elevator because of the low power supply. There was no other choice, time was ticking, and doctors, nurses, and orderlies with our own hands moved an injured patient on a stretcher to the operating room. I participated in the operation as a nurse, and fortunately, surgeons were able to save his life. As you might know, the corporation "Aversi" bought National Center of Surgery in 2011, and the renovation-restoration of the clinic started at the fastest pace. I’m proud to be working in the multi-profile hospital, in the department equipped with ultramodern medical equipment. National Center of Surgery gifted me vast experience and many beautiful years. In my free time, I love spending time with my grandchildren and cooking; as others say, I baked very deliciously."