Clinical director of National Center of Surgery delivered a lecture about medicine to seniors in high school

Clinical director of National Center of Surgery delivered a lecture about medicine to seniors in high school

National Center of Surgery collaborates with the "Career Planning Center."

Within the collaboration, our clinic permanently delivers lectures to those seniors who are interested in medicine and plan to connect their future to the field of medicine.

For the development of professional orientation, Clinical Director Nikoloz Chaduneli delivered one more lecture.

Mr. Nikoloz’s lecture was dedicated to the history of medicine from Kolkhi Medea to nowadays and how they treated patients centuries ago. He told seniors about the progress in the healthcare system, era of transition from primitive medical tools to practical wok at the scientific level, and contemporary challenges of medicine.

In his lecture, Clinical Director compared the past with the present - based on what criteria did the youth of his generation choose a profession and what is preferred today.

He stated – "Albeit, what difference does the era make, I think and believe that relations with medicine is one big love story. A doctor is married to medicine and spends his/her whole life with it. From the minute you take a Hippocratic Oath, you create a family with medicine, the one you can never betray. Caring for a person's health and life is a great responsibility and honored work.”

According to Mr. Nika, features of a good doctor should meet the following criteria:

  • Good education;
  • Care for your own health;
  • Interest in technological innovations;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages;
  • In-depth professional knowledge;
  • Love and respect for patients
  • Constant improvement and expansion of knowledge.

Seniors were introduced to the history of National Center of Surgery, clinic's ultramodern medical equipment, and advanced services, including the Stroke Center and Radiotherapy Department.

We’d like to remind readers that the Stroke Center of National Center of Surgery is unique nation-wide and is equipped with ultramodern biplane angiograph. In Georgia, stroke treatment using all advanced methods (thrombolysis, thrombectomy) is only feasible in National Center of Surgery.

Mr. Nikolozi told seniors that the Radiotherapy Department of National Center of Surgery delivers individualized, evidence-based high standard radiation therapy using advanced technologies, and that the department is equipped with American Company Varian's modern and maximally sophisticated, clinically equivalent (twin), latest linear accelerators.

It’s noteworthy that National Center of Surgery cares for the professional orientation of youth and has sponsored numerous important events in this regard. Whereas, the organization"Career Planning Center" supports youth in selecting a profession and achieving success.

Wish you health!