Extremely complicated operative intervention in traumatology – How did doctors save a patient injured in a car accident?

Extremely complicated operative intervention in traumatology – How did doctors save a patient injured in a car accident?

One more extremely complicated operative intervention was conducted in the department of traumatology of National Center of Surgery.

A patient, who sustained polytraumas because of a car accident, was admitted to the clinic. In particular, the patient suffered from fractures of the left collarbone, humeral head, distal end of the humerus bone, bones of the forearm and a thigh.

In a short-time one-stage operation was performed on every fractured segment after the proper preparation. 

It should be mentioned that the operation of intra-articular distal humeral fracture is an extremely complicated surgery in traumatology! Our clinic's head of the traumatology department Zurab Oragvelidze studied this unique method during his work at Ulm University Hospital of Germany.

To make the complexity of the operation easier to understand, we’d like to further explain the process - During the intervention epicondyle of the elbow is artificially excised to visualize the distal end of humerus bone, afterward fractured fragment is fixated and then, osteosynthesis method of Weber is performed on artificially excised epicondyle of the elbow.

Currently, the patient's condition is satisfactory.

National Center of Surgery’s department of traumatology offers the treatment of traumatic injuries of all types and localizations around-the-clock.

Following services are available at the clinic

  • Endoprosthetics of hip, knee, shoulder, and fingers;
  • Limb lengthening during acquired pathologies;
  • Corrective osteotomy during acquired or congenital pathologies;
  • All types of surgical intervention (osteosynthesis) in case of fractures;
  • Bone grafting of nonunion fractures;
  • Any modern operations on hand and foot;
  • Intra-articular injections of medication under X-ray control. 

In the clinic, all types of instrumental and laboratory examinations are performed in one space.

Operations are conducted using modern implants manufactured by well-known companies.

Any outpatient-traumatology services are available for patients.

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