Maxillofacial surgeons used hip bone to restore patient’s lower jaw!

Maxillofacial surgeons used hip bone to restore patient’s lower jaw!

Complicated operations of maxillofacial surgical area at National Center of Surgery!

Guram Maghradze, head of the maxillofacial surgery department at Saint Petersburg’s university clinic and a candidate of medical sciences, had a work visit at National Center of Surgery.

Mr. Maghradze is an invited specialist who permanently performs complicated operations of maxillofacial surgical area at National Center of Surgery.

Mr. Maghradze conducts operations together with maxillofacial surgeons – Maia Maghradze and Nino Azikuri.

During his visit two operations, that are important due to their complexity and uniqueness, were conducted.


45 years old

An operation in a maxillofacial region was conducted on a patient at different clinic 4 years ago. After the operation, patient started to have neuralgia (neuralgic pains). Due to incommodious and constant pain, he was on psychotropic medical substances, consulted with several well-known maxillofacial surgeons and neurologists, albeit with no results.

When a conservative physiotherapy treatment didn’t achieve desired results, patient was advised to contact university clinic of Germany. He contacted Ministry of health for help, who redirected the patient to National Center of Surgery.

Based on upper jaw 3D dental computed tomography and clinical, X-ray diagnostic conclusions, surgical intervention was decided. With the help of the operation, the patient was relieved from nerve compression (pressure on the nerve) and subsequently, pain ceased!

Surgery proceeded without any complications and patient was discharged with satisfactory health condition.


22 years old patient

In a framework of Mr. Maghradze’s work visit, one more important surgery was performed.

22 years old patient was diagnosed with lower jaw’s large size benign tumor. It should be noted, that during the operation surgeons managed to preserve lower jaw’s lower ridge and perform its’ gnathoplasty with hip bone crest’s auto-transplants at once.

To explain it for the readers, after tumor removal, the void in a lower jaw was filed with hip bone tissue. In other words, surgeons used hip bone to reconstruct lower jaw defects.

After the successful operation, lower jaw was fully restored and transplants fixated (with titanium plates and bolts). Dental implantation with consequent prosthesis work is planned in the future.

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