Extremely important information for oncologic patients –Emory University professor’s visit to National Center of Surgery

Extremely important information for oncologic patients –Emory University professor’s visit to National Center of Surgery

Professor of Emory University read a lecture at National Center of Surgery’s department of radiotherapy.

Full professor of radiology and nuclear medicine, director of nuclear medicine department at Emory University Grady Hospital, Raghuveer Halkar visited National Center of Surgery.

His report was dedicated to the role of positron-emission tomography in modern oncology. He discussed the advantages of positron-emission tomography compared to other diagnostic examinations, why is PET/CT considered a golden standard in oncology and non-alternative method for cancer diagnostics

Clinic’s director general Lasha Bazadze, head of the radiotherapy department Besik Sokurashvili and department of radiotherapy’s radiation therapist, nuclear medicine specialist, Shorena Esiashvili showed Mr. Halkar around the radiotherapy department of National Center of Surgery.

Professor noted that National Center of Surgery’s radiotherapy department is equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment and offers full specter of diagnostic and treatment to oncologic patients residing in Georgia.

Novelty in the clinic's radiotherapy department – National Center of Surgery will soon be equipped with the latest generation of positron emission tomography digital apparatus. For oncologic patients, Emory University professor's visit is important, because he proclaims full support to National Center of Surgery. He will cooperate with the clinic's radiotherapy department and discuss each oncologic clinical case together with Georgian specialists.

It is noteworthy that Raghuveer Halkar has been working on nuclear medicine for more than 35 years and his contribution to oncology is invaluable. Emory University was equipped with the world's second PET-CT under Mr. Halkar’s supervision.

What is positron-emission tomography?

PET/CT examines the entire human body. It is mainly used in oncology, albeit quite many isotopes have been registered in recent years, using which a more detailed examination of the heart and nervous system and detection of hidden infection sources is conducted.  PET/CT is an accredited to the functional research method. It shows metabolic changes in the body. Metabolic changes always precede morphologic ones. It's possible to detect oncologic disease at the early stages with this exact examination method. With this very important research, we determine oncologic disease stages, receive an accurate anatomical and functional picture of tumor expansion. PET/CT has also used to asses the results of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment tactics change almost by 36% as a result of this examination.

We would like to remind readers that the department of radiotherapy functions in the National Center of Surgery. Oncologic patients in the department are able to receive radiation therapy with the latest generation high-tech linear accelerators.

In the department of radiotherapy treatment method is chosen by Georgian specialists together with invited experts from the U.S (Emory University, Atlanta) and Spain (Genesis Care oncology multidisciplinary institution)

National Center of Surgery address: Tbilisi, Dighomi, Chachava N5.

You may contact National Center of Surgery’s call center at 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25

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