Patient bitten by a wolf feels well and was discharged from the clinic

Patient bitten by a wolf feels well and was discharged from the clinic

Wolf attacked a middle-aged woman in the Dusheti district.

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  • Clinical case.
  • Patient’s health condition.

What should you know about the clinical case?

The patient was admitted to National Center of Surgery with multiple severe injuries on the face, extremities, and back. 

She underwent several surgeries including plastic, reconstructive operation.

Head of the Vascular, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery Department of National Center of Surgery, Irakli Peradze discusses the topic.

Mr. Irakli stated in an interview with us – “According to the patient, the wolf bit her at her house when she was waiting for herd’s return – injuries were quite severe, particularly the facial ones. She had multiple bites on her back, both of her upper extremities were damaged. The team of plastic surgeons restored facial jagged wounds so well that the patient won’t have any adhesions. Surgeons managed to restore extremity and wound healing progresses well as a result of appropriate treatment”

How’s the health condition of the patient?

The patient was already discharged from the clinic with a satisfactory health condition and respective recommendations from the doctor. 

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