Radiation therapy in National Center of Surgery –Department of radiotherapy’s presentation was conducted in the clinic.

Radiation therapy in National Center of Surgery –Department of radiotherapy’s presentation was conducted in the clinic.

Department of radiotherapy’s presentation was conducted in National Center of Surgery.

The event was attended by Aversi network’s top management, clinical directors and leading doctors. The Clinic’s radiotherapy department was festively decorated for the presentation. Guests were given fliers and books with complete information regarding clinic services, doctors, medical devices and departments’

General Director of National Center of Surgery, Lasha Bazadze presented photo materials to the audience, showcasing how department’s infrastructure were changing, how the space intended for radiation accelerators were built, the process of ultra-modern equipment placement, successful foreign oncologists’ visit and etc.

The guests viewed American company - Varian's ultra-modern, 2018-19 radiation accelerators.

Head of department of radiotherapy at National Center of Surgery, Besik Sokurashvili addressed the audience.

His presentation was dedicated to radiation oncology in the clinic. He gave an explanation regarding modern methods of planning, how radiation therapy is carried out and stated that the teamwork principles of department is crucial in oncology.

He talked about foreign support and invited foreign experts. As stated by Mr. Sokurashvili, Natia Esiashvili, Emory University’s (Atlanta, U.S) head of quality division of radiation oncology department, and Maia Jughashvili-Ernandes, leading specialist of Genesis Care’s oncology multi-disciplinary institute (Spain), ESTRO’s international association for radiation oncologists’ public relations committee member and associated professor at University of Mursia, participate in treatment tactics and radiation planning.

Radiation oncologists of department of radiotherapy, brachytherapists Irina Jobava and Lasha Goginashvili presented few interesting cases.

Photo materials taken before and after radiation therapy is a clear indication of treatment method effectives, because in post-treatment photos there’re no signs of cancer, patients are cured.

During the presentation following topics were discussed: onco-gynecological, larynx-valve esophageal, rectal and skin tumor’s clinical cases, diagnostic and treatment methods.  

It should be noted that so called medical tourism is successfully conducted at National Center of Surgery and not only Georgians, but also foreign nationals visit clinic for oncologic disease treatment.  Cases of several foreign patients were present at the presentation. Clinic’s radiation oncologists successfully treated them using radiation therapy.

National Center of Surgery’s department of radiotherapy offers radiation therapy with newest generation, high technological radiation accelerators.

National Center of Surgery’s department of radiotherapy provides individualized, medical evidence based, high standard radiotherapy for patients using modern technologies.

Department radiotherapy’s team of specialists, including invited experts from USA and Spain, chose treatment tactics individual to each patient on a basis of joint discussions. Specialist from various field participate in discussion and treatment planning processes.

National Center of Surgery grants Georgian citizens an opportunity to access American-European standard treatment with the help of professional team of Georgian and foreign doctors. The treatment for which, majority of Georgians prefer to go abroad.

It’s noteworthy that radiation therapy is one of the main treatment methods in contemporary oncology. It’s utilized by min. 50% of cancer patients on different stages.

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