Successful management of the patients at the National Center of Surgery Stroke Center is provided by OMRON equipment

Successful management of the patients at the National Center of Surgery Stroke Center is provided by OMRON equipment

Prevention of cerebral infarction with modern technology

Information About Stroke

It is an unfortunate truth, that for every 100 persons who die in our country, 70 die as a result of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or infractions. It is worth noting that more than half of these 70 deaths are middle-aged. Therefore, it may be stated that people die at the most productive age for reasons that, if properly managed, could have prevented the problem!

The standard of care for stroke patients in Georgia must be raised to European standards! For several years, the National Center of Surgery has been actively involved in this process and has successfully managed many patients in the stroke center. Several hundred people have survived death or severe disability since the center's inception. This was accomplished with the assistance of professional staff, modern technologies, and medical equipment, such as the most recent Japanese double-arm angiography (Shimadzu Trinias B12 MIX package) and OMRON's modern equipment.


After undergoing the initial stages of stroke treatment (thrombolysis, thrombectomy, or a combination thereof), there is a stage of measures to prevent recurrence of stroke and vascular process (secondary prevention) at the National Center of Surgery, in which the „OMRON” equipment participates and is crucial in principle.

OMRON’s Dignities

In the stroke center, OMRON blood pressure monitors are used, which can:

  • Separate and memorize measurements taken in the morning and at night. It should be mentioned that so-called morning hypertension (high blood pressure) raises the risk of stroke by 76%;
  • Use a memory built for two individuals to record measurement data;
  • Ensure measurement precision through the conical shape of the cuff;
  • Compute the average pressure based on the last 10 minutes of readings;

OMRON pressure apparatus has:

  • Indicator of proper cuff fixation;
  • Smart cuff (sensor with 360-degree sensitivity);
  • AFib technology - along with a flicker arrhythmia detector.

It should also be noted that the Japanese company cares for all categories of customers, which is why it produces different models of blood pressure monitors:


omron 10

Morning and night measurement memory/analysis for two people, automatic triple measurement feature, user-friendly design (cuff put in the device's body);

OMRON M6 Comfort 

m6 omron comfort

Afib Technology (flicker arrhythmia detector), automatic triple measurement function, morning and night measurement memory/analysis for 2 persons;


m7 it omron

Triple measurement function, data download/storage /sending via Omron Connect application, AFib technology (flicker arrhythmia detector), morning and night measurement memory/analysis for 2 persons;


rs4 omron

Morning measurement memory/analysis, wrist accurate fixation indicator-pictogram;


rs8 omron

Wrist proper fix indicator-lamp, morning and night measurement memory/analysis;


rs7 omron it

Proper wrist fixation indicator lamp, morning and night measurement memory/analysis for 2 persons, data download/storage/sending via Omron Connect application.

Each hypertensive (high blood pressure) patient may be given a personal OMRON blood pressure monitor to help them avoid having a stroke. „OMRON” is a well-known brand in the field of medicine. Its numerous scientific teams are continually introducing breakthrough technology that can be used to defeat many incurable diseases. On behalf of our clinic and personal experience, we wholeheartedly suggest the Japanese manufacturer's equipment. This company has ranked first in the world manufacturers rating for the past 19 years, which speaks volumes!

 Stroke Center of The National Center of Surgery

The following are introduced at the stroke center for pathology management and treatment:

  • Triage of patients in the acute stage;
  • Interventions to restore blood circulation in the brain and halt the degenerative process - systemic intravenous thrombolysis, endovascular thrombectomy (with angiography);
  • Open and endovascular surgical treatment of cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation, carotid and vertebral artery stenosis (using angiography);
  • Early neurorehabilitation;
  • Recurrence and vascular process prevention measures (secondary prevention);
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation;
  • Medical and surgical therapy of hemorrhagic stroke, etc.


Principles of blood pressure management for the population

Unfortunately, a big portion of the general public believes that they are well acquainted with medical manipulations such as blood pressure or temperature measurement. Blood pressure and body temperature, on the other hand, are crucial data that must be recorded and monitored in a certain manner. According to Group „OMRON” for Georgia research, doctors frequently fail to explain to patients why, how, when, and how to take blood pressure.

You've probably heard a loved one say that they wake up fatigued in the morning. The cause of this is hypertension, which occurs when the blood vessel wall is stretched and unable to rest despite sleep. This blood vessel wall thins over time and eventually dies, resulting in a stroke.

Sometimes people will tell you a humorous anecdote about how they feel OK at 180 degrees of pressure! However, with such pressure, it is hard to discharge a patient from the clinic in the country of „OMRON” - Japan, because they are well aware that high blood pressure affects the blood vessel wall. It can restrict or clog arteries, resulting in a stroke in 87% of instances. Damage to the blood vessel wall is the cause of stroke in 13% of instances.

Because of our country's tragic statistics, we've decided to give you information about the National Center of Surgery Stroke Center and „OMRON” Blood Pressure Equipment. The primary purpose of this Japanese-Georgian international collaboration is to instill a culture of early stroke prevention!

We hope that raising knowledge about stroke prevention will ensure the survival of many of our country's residents in the future.

If you have hypertension (high blood pressure), feel tired when you wake up and have sharp fluctuations in blood pressure during the day, use „OMRON” blood pressure monitors, which will allow you to detect the risk of stroke in time, and even if you have minor symptoms, go directly to the stroke center, where they can save you!

Remember that quick detection of stroke symptoms and referral to a properly selected clinic is a sure way to success!

National Center of Surgery and OMRON Healthcare Japan Wishes you good health!