The National Center of Surgery wishes you a Happy New Year!

The year 2017 Has Come to an End.

Throughout this time our clinic and each of its members stood strong to improve your health. The clear evidence is more than 33,000 incoming patients and 3,000 successful surgeries performed in the clinic. 

The number of grateful patients has increased. The highest award for the clinic and the doctor is a grateful and healed patient. Our clinic is doing everything to ensure that medical care is available for the whole population. The National Center of Surgery regularly conducts free consultations for several days a week. This service, which has been introduced to the clinic since 2012, has been successful this year as well. Along with the proposed free consultations, the clinic offered different diagnostic tests with unprecedented discounts. Throughout the year, many people have benefited from these promotions.
¬¬At the same time, the National Center of Surgery offers a free medical examination to the residents of the different regions of Georgia - "Let’s Take Care of Your Health Together!" this is the slogan which unites highly qualified doctors of the National Center of Surgery. They regularly visit the regions where people can have a free medical examination. An important benefit for residents living in the regions is medications that "Aversi Pharma" provides free of charge. Consequently, the population of the region who came to free medical examination promotion had necessary medications which were completely free of charge. In 2017, the population of Kareli, Gurjaani, Mestia and villages of Martkopi have used this service.

In 2017 a new medical service was added to the National Center of Surgery, a blood bank was opened in the clinic. The Blood Bank of the National Center of Surgery is equipped with a high-tech and modern blood separation machine called "Amicus" made by “Fresenius”. Blood donation in our clinic is useful for both the recipient and the donor itself, that is provided by the ultra-modern functions of the machine.

In 2017, the clinic "New Life” became a part of the National Center of Surgery, which has become a multi-field clinic. Main priorities of the clinic have always been obstetrics and neonatology. It continues to function in these directions. The renovation works have been done and new modern departments such as surgery, multi-field department, critical medicine department have been opened. Professional doctors of all fields are taking care of every patient, who come to the “New Life”.

The National Center of Surgery starts 2018 year with the news. Very soon, the department of clinical oncology will start to function, which consists of modern technologies and professional employees. This project will offer patients a high standard of treatment, which is implemented in developed countries. In our clinic, oncologic patients will be able to get the full service of individualized, high-quality oncological treatment, including modern laboratory studies and other diagnostic tools. We will use all treatment approaches including the surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immuno and targeted therapy. Radiotherapy will be carried out by ”Varian“ linear accelerator.
The National Center of Surgery has been trying to gain your trust and respect, and we will continue to do so in the future. We will continue to take care of your health and rehabilitation for 24 hours. We will still listen carefully to all your wishes.

We wish you a happy new year, good health, longevity and well-being!
Thank you for your trust!
Wish you health!