The brain tumor - several symptoms that you should not miss!

The brain tumor - several symptoms that you should not miss!

A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cells in your brain or close to your brain.

Brain tumor can be benign or malignant. Also, it can be a primary brain tumor, or secondary – metastatic. When it comes to the symptoms, we should take into account the location of the tumor. That is why symptoms may be different. Symptoms caused by a brain tumor may include: severe headache, unexplained vomiting, problems with speech, hearing and vision, seizures, emotional or behavioral changes. As a rule, headache is more severe in the morning and goes away after vomiting. 

At what age is a brain tumor detected, what do we need to know about the risk factors of brain tumor, how is it diagnosed and how is it treated in the National Center of Surgery? Giorgi Egutidze, head of the neurosurgery department of the National Center of Surgery talks about these issues.
‘’One of the symptoms of a brain tumor is headache, but it does not mean that headache always points to a tumor. When tumor grows and reaches a large size, around it develops edema that is manifested by a primary complaint – seizure, epilepsy. If you experience a severe headache, schedule a doctor's visit. To correctly identify the reason of headache, MRI of the brain should be performed.’’ – says Mr. Giorgi
- Mr. Giorgi, could you please tell us about a general statistic, is incidence of the brain tumor increased or decreased?
- Statistically, in Georgia and in the whole world, the incidence of brain tumor has increased. In the National Center of Surgery 20 operations are performed every month because of a brain tumor.
- At what age is a brain tumor detected?
- The age is not limited it can be identified at any age.
- What can you say about the risk factors and what does a genetics play in the developing of the brain tumor?
- It is very hard to talk about specific risk factors. Genetic factor plays a great role. Lifestyle, eating habits, cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking should also be taken into consideration.
- How is the brain tumor diagnosed in the National Center of Surgery?
- In our clinic, primary diagnostic studies are at a high level. The technical equipment allows us to diagnose a small size brain tumor. The microscope we use during surgery is really unique. It is distinguished by high resolution, so it is much easier to distinguish healthy tissue from the tumor.
- how is the brain tumor treated in the National Center of Surgery?
- We are offering a modern approach to every patient who comes to our clinic. Traditionally, during the treatment with an open surgery, the whole tumor is taken out. Also, in the National Center of Surgery you can be treated with a modern approach such as endovascular, mini invasive way! Endovascular approach is less traumatic and there is no need to cut the brain. For this types of operations we are using SHIMADZU Trinias B12 angiograph. This equipment is the only one in the region and allows us to do unique operations. It is the latest technology that was sold outside Japan for the first time. Angiograph perfectly meets the requirements of endovascular neurosurgery. The type of operation, open surgery or endovascular way, is determined by the surgeons. Treatment regimen depends on the early detection of tumor, the most crucial is brain MRI imaging. We work as a team – clinical oncologist, chemotherapist, radiotherapist, all are involved in the process.
- How long does the operation last?
- In case of a planned intervention by open surgery, it takes us 3-4 hours, without accompanying pathologies, in case of uncomplicated cases. The rehabilitation process is very short and after 2-3 days the patient is discharged from the clinic. The endovascular operation usually lasts about an hour and patient stays in the clinic only for a day.
- Can brain cancers be prevented?
- Diagnosis of brain tumors is not a verdict! When we speak about prevention brain MRI has a crucial role. This is the most effective way to diagnose the brain tumor early or detect other problems.
- Can trauma cause a brain tumor?
- The mechanism of trauma may be the cause of the brain tumor after years, but to state that trauma can really cause the disease is wrong! Once again, let me explain that, due to the structure of the brain, where everything happens at the cellular level, trauma may be the possible cause of the tumor.

You can contact the neurosurgeon of the National Center of Surgery Giorgi Egutidze if you have some questions or want to make an appointment to see the doctor.
Telephone number : 599 78 66 54

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