The First Cardio Stimulator (Pacemaker)

The First Cardio Stimulator (Pacemaker)

Cardio Stimulator (Pacemaker) Implanted In Dogs

Did you know that surgeon William M. Chardack and engineer Wilson Greatbach installed the first cardiac pacemaker, in a dog in 1958?!

After implanting it in the animal, Chardack and Greatbach worked for two years to modify it to create a portable model, so that it could fit freely into the human body and emit a rhythmic pulse for as long as feasible while working the heart.

A 77-year-old man had his first pacemaker placed in 1960, and he lived for 10 months. During the same year, nine other patients received similar surgery, and some of them lived for 20 years.

The pacemaker invented by Chardack and Greatbach was the first to be commercialized and earned a place in XX-century medicine! It is to their credit that millions of individuals around the world have a beating heart and are living today!