A patient who defeated acute leukemia with the help of National Center of Surgery

A patient who defeated acute leukemia with the help of National Center of Surgery

Every saved life is the greatest stimulus and one of the brightest marks on the doctor's biography.

In the news, you will be informed about the following:

Fortunately, National Center of Surgery has many grateful patients. Patients who trusted the clinic with their health and life, were cured and express their gratitude and positive emotions towards their doctor in-charge and medical personnel. 

Heartwarming post, reassuring letter

A few hours ago, a patient who defeated acute leukemia, posted a heartwarming post addressed to Hematologist Lia Karkadze of Hematology Department on an official facebook webpage of National Center of Surgery.

This is a small part of the large post that is impossible to read without tears. Each word is full of gratefulness, love, and hope - “When I faced death, superhuman, doctor who started to care for me with motherly care and deep faith, unexpectedly appeared in my life. She once told me “Don’t be afraid, together, we will walk this path and win!”. After this, we won many wars, but the main battle was still ahead… Doctor Lia became part of my heart. I will repeat it a thousand times, I’m proud of her and love her! I love her persona, confidence, knowledge, experience, attitude towards me, care, remarkable ability to convince you not to think about death… She’s a doctor of high level and higher consciousness. Healer of my body and soul. This is a person who knows best how it hurt, how I struggled and how I hung on life …Together we chased death away from ward. We did it, we won the war!”

Patient with similar diagnosis might be reading this news, who’s scared and has a feeling that everything ended, but for a long time now, this diagnosis isn’t a sentence anymore, it’s possible to manage disease, there are many people who were cured and each one of them returned to their usual rhythm of life.

This patient’s case might become a good example for others and that’s why we've decided to tell you a story from the onset of first symptoms to happy minutes when she was informed that the course of treatment was successful and she was cured. 

What should you know about the clinical case?

First symptoms

She was admitted to National Center of Surgery 2 years ago.

During tooth extraction (having a tooth pulled) young lady started to have acute bleeding. Later discovered bruises on the skin, suffered from headache, general weakness. Based on the complaints, she thought that she needed doctor's help. 

Complete blood count was done for symptoms differentiation and accurate diagnostic.

 Thrombocytopenia was detected in blood, i.e, a condition when the level of blood-forming elements (thrombocytes) that participate in blood-clotting is significantly reduced.

Doctor, hematologist of National Center of Surgery,  Lia Karkadze suspected leukemia.

Of course, it’s impossible to generate complete clinical image only based on complete blood count and additional examinations were ordered, particularly:

  • Cytomorphological study of bone marrow;
  • Immunophenotyping;
  • Cytogenetic study.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis was confirmed based on diagnostic studies - acute promyelocytic leukemia

Doctor in-charge started chemotherapy treatment that turned out very effective in the battle against leukemia – Practically, according to current data, based on a molecular-genetic study aimed to asses minimal residual disease, the patient is completely cured of leukemia.

Hematologist confirmed that the course of treatment is complete at this stage, the patient doesn’t need chemotherapy anymore.

What is leukemia?

Leukemia is a circulatory system’s malignant cancer that develops as a result of stem cell mutation.

Despite many researches, nowadays the direct cause of leukemia is still unknown and scientists believe that they deal with heterogeneous disease i.e, a disease caused by various factors.

Based on this viewpoint, commonly, they consider the following as underlying factors, particularly:

  • Radiational;
  • Viral;
  • Genetic;
  • Chemical and so on.

There are acute and chronic forms.

Morphologically, there are two main groups: myeloid and lymphoid, which are divided into subgroups. Such divisions are of great importance for defining prognosis, progression and treatment tactics.


Symptoms of leukemia

Physical findings vary.

It presents itself with signs of general intoxication:

  • General weakness;
  • Fever;
  • Sweatiness;
  • Headache;
  • Bone (especially chest) pain
  • Gum pain and swelling.

After unsuccessful treatment, dentists often ask patients to do a complete blood count and at the end, refer them to hematologists.

It’s worth mentioning that often symptoms depend on the changes in blood findings. For example, a patient might suffer from anemic symptoms (dizziness, arrhythmia, elevated heart rate, shortness of breath and so on)

The reduced level of thrombocytes might present itself with bleeding and bruises. Most commonly, it's characterized with dot-like bruises, bruises from mucosa membrane: gums and mouth, also the uterus, gastrointestinal tract. Patient might detect blood in the urine.

Please, at the onset of any symptoms, promptly see a doctor.

What all patients should consider?

Ms. Lia states – "First of all, I'd like all patients and their relatives to keep in mind that modern medicine moves forward and it's feasible to manage leukemia. Together, we overcame difficult periods, for example, hair loss in chemotherapy, severe pain, high fever, general weakness - In short, all the contraindications that oncology patients might experience.  Albeit, considering the depth of her faith in recovery, her emotional status, I can honestly say that her attitude helped me defeat leukemia. She was optimistic and brave; Fought for the main thing – the defeat of disease. Firstly, it was this amazing, young lady who believed, trusted me and with her result, confirmed that leukemia isn’t a sentence. Patient’s attitude towards the disease is crucial and sometimes even vital. Dear patients, your spirit and psychological attitude are reflected on the whole body. It’s necessary to believe that you will recover and overcome every obstacle in the process of healing. Also, I'd like to add that you have to follow doctor's every recommendation. Every symptom, even the ones that seem completely insignificant to you, is alarming. Of course, family members' and friends' support is important in any disease.

Wish you health!