A patient who was saved from death thanks to the care and dedication of doctors

A patient who was saved from death thanks to the care and dedication of doctors

Medical work is connected to numerous dramatic moments.

It’s a daily fight against various diseases, where a doctor sometimes loses but wins in most of the cases. Every saved life is a bright point in the doctor's biography, the greatest incentive that enables her/him to work in this sphere. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of patients around us who express their gratitude and positive emotions towards doctors in charge and medical personnel, who significantly contributed to the achieved victory. 

In the clinic, patients affected by chronic diseases receive treatment and they constantly need medical personnel’s support and special care, because it’s essential for them to feel at home and have trust in medical workers. They need an environment full of love and care, where their clinical and social problems will be taken close to the heart.

In every department of National Center of Surgery, you will encounter one corner that is very precious to every doctor and nurse. This corner is full of letters from grateful patients. Doctor's most significant award is the patient's recovery and victory over the disease -  The corner is full of this exact invaluable awards, behind which are hidden the knowledge, experience, dedication, responsibility, and care of doctor in charge. 

If they wish, patients can write and share their personal experiences: we’ve decided to tell you a story about the letter of one of the patients.

This patient receives treatment in National Center of Surgery already for 7 years. The patient is on permanent hemodialysis, and in the letter, she describes emotions accumulated over the past years, and it’s impossible to read it indifferently.

The patient expresses the gratitude towards the department of nephrology, transplantation, and hemodialysis, in particular towards the head of the department Mikheil Ghonghadze and nephrologists Nino Shonia and Nana Sadunashvili.

At first, patient referred to a different clinic for help, but without any results. Then, the medical emergency brigade brought the patient to National Center of Surgery, where she discovered a completely different environment – in the clinic, patient's fate changed drastically, and her life was saved.

The letter begins as follows – “7 years ago I became very sick in August. I was taken to a prestigious hospital and started to receive treatment but without any results. Once, I called the doctor and said that I felt terrible and wanted to visit, the doctor answered - don't come today, I'll see you on Monday. On Sunday ambulance brought me to National Center of Surgery. That’s how I met 2 doctors – Nino Shonia and Nana Sadunashvili who based on study results discovered that I urgently needed dialysis.  They spent the whole night with me, and I survived with their support. That’s how I became a member of the dialysis unit family of National Center of Surgery. This was followed by 3 operations led by Misha Ghonghadze. I remember how he reassured me as I looked at him with fear in my eyes and I'm very grateful for that."

The patient mentioned in the latter that nephrologists spend the whole night with her and if not them, she wouldn’t survive. Yes, the lady accurately describes the situation! Her health condition was truly critical, and every second was of vital importance.

The patient had the following complaints:

  • Bradycardia (slow heart rate);
  • Swelling of lower extremities
  • High arterial pressure;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting.

According to examinations conducted in the clinic, she was diagnosed with critical hyperkalemia (high level of potassium) that is often a cause of death in such patients.

Dialysis had to start of vital importance. Albeit, the patient, was terrified and didn’t trust doctors. Indeed, throughout the whole night, nephrologists reassured and convinced her to receive hemodialysis, because otherwise life-threatening complications would start. The care and dedication of doctors achieved results – she joined State Dialysis Program.

Since then, the patient refers to National Center of Surgery three times a week and receives dialysis for the 7th year. The lady pursues an active lifestyle and follows recommendations of the doctor in charge. 

Medical personnel of the department maximally try to create a warm and comfortable environment for patients on dialysis. Their attempts are not in vain as proved by the author of this letter.

The letter ends on such positive note – "During all these years I spent in the hospital, the whole medical personnel of the dialysis unit always try to ease the pain of patients. They always try to brighten our lives with humor and various surprises. I’m grateful to them for their care of our health. I'm delighted that such good personnel, who try to ease our pain, exist in our country 

Wish you health!