Scientific Forum of The National Center of Surgery

Scientific Forum of The National Center of Surgery

Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases

The Scientific Forum of the K.Eristavi National Center of Experimental and Clinical Surgery was hosted on October 1 in the conference hall of the „Tbilisi Marriott” Hotel!

The celebration commemorated the center's 75th anniversary as well as Academician Konstantine Eristavi's 132nd anniversary. The main topic of discussion at the conference was modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

Due to the country's epidemiological situation, the conference was held in a hybrid format, with a small number of delegates and others participating in the online „Zoom”. Speakers on the following topics were presented to the medical community within the context of the scientific conference:

  • Shorena Esiashvili - „Interesting examples discovered using digital positron-emission computed tomography”;
  • Nata Murusidze - „The relevance of molecular biomarkers in colorectal cancer treatment”;
  • Nino Khvichia - „Modern Aspects of Morphological Diagnosis”;
  • Marina Pailodze - „Some concerns about the histo structural aspects of leiomyoma growth and its development in women”;
  • Nunuka Pertia - „The role of MRI and practical guidelines in identifying and staging liver cancers”;
  • Ana Godelashvili - „The importance of current radiation in the treatment of locally advanced laryngeal cancers”;
  • Lasha Goginashvili - „The Role of Brachytherapy in Prostate Cancer Treatment”.

Among the speakers were researchers and rehearsing doctors of different profiles, who presented the most recent advances in oncology to the assembled local community and shared the experience of the National Center of Surgery.

The 6th Scientific Conference of the National Center of Surgery once again confirmed to us how essential such measures are for doctors and patients, that the main weapon to defeat this disease is focus elevating and well-timed prevention.

National Center of Surgery wishes you health!