German expert, Professor Michel Laniado joins the multidisciplinary team of the National Center of Surgery

German expert, Professor Michel Laniado joins the multidisciplinary team of the National Center of Surgery

Modern methods of treatment and diagnosis of Oncology Patients

As we know, Oncological diseases are the most common problems in modern medicine. One of the main goal of our clinic is to reduce the mortality from cancer. Great importance for this is our preventive measures, to detect diseases at an early stage, by giving proper diagnosis and treatment.

Of course, there are a number of challenges facing our country's oncology services, that is why the National Center of Surgery determines the method of treatment of oncology patients by the Tumor Board (A composed group of different specialists) based on joint discussion and perspective.

At the center, except to the doctors of our clinic, the official experts of the clinic participate in determining the method of treatment-, Emory University, Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Professor Natia Esiashvili and leading specialist at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Oncology at Genesis Care Spain, member of the International Relations Committee of ESTRO International Radiation Oncologists, associate Professor at the University of Murcia Maia Jughashvili-Hernandez. The team of specialists was joined by the German expert Michel Laniado, who is an expert in Senior Experten Service. SES is one of the most qualified and leading organizations in Germany since 1983.

Mr. Laniado's visit to the National Center of Surgery was long planned, however, due to COVID-19, his visit was postponed. Nevertheless, the global pandemic did not prevent the partnership between the clinic and the German expert and on september 9, as soon as the opportunity was given, a video conference was held at the National Center of Surgery with the participation of the clinic's management, Radiologists, radiation and medical Oncologists.

During the video conference, nuances were discussed such as:

  • The main stages of the clinic and expert relationship;
  • The nuances of Professor Laniado's involvement with each Oncology patient, by selecting an individual method of treatment;
  • Proven methods of treating colorectal and prostate cancer;
  • Stages of post-tumor therapy;
  • Principles of modern management of Oncological diseases.

Also, both sides had the opportunity, to share knowledge and experience with each other.

Although the borders are closed, however, even during a pandemic, the clinic does not stop developing, our main goal is not to deprive the population of care, even in a difficult time.

As you know, worldwide, the treatment of Oncological diseases are quite expensive; a joining future project of the National Center of Surgery and German expert Michel Laniado, will give patients access to treatment in Georgia at a much lower cost. In addition, to use all the modern services in oncology.

It is worth to be noted that, the radiotherapy and Oncology departments of the clinic are equipped with ultra-modern equipments such as:

  • Elekta's latest, 2019 Flexitron-HDR high-dose device whose source of radiation is Iri-192;
  • American company "Varian" with modern and maximally sophisticated, 2018 radial accelerators (Truebeam; Vitalbeam);
  • Philips Vereos PET/CT scanner (equipment has already been purchased by the clinic and nowadays is being installed).

It is possible to defeat cancer with the help of  National Center of Surgery!

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