Obesity and stress – What happens to the body during stress?

Obesity and stress – What happens to the body during stress?

100 million people are suffering from obesity in the world, and about 100,000 people have morbid obesity in Georgia.

Obesity is a psycho-social problem and is found in all ages and social classes. Excess weight is not only a visual, cosmetic problem, extra kilograms are a serious threat to health.

Is it possible for people to gain weight because of stress? National Center of Surgery’s endocrinologists Ana Chokhonelidze discusses the topic.

 Ms. Chokhonelidze states - "First of all, stress harms nervous system that can cause particular disorders and hormonal changes. Stress is not only a cause of obesity, but also a cause of a lot of disease“

When a person is always hungry

 It should be noted that in the brain there is a hunger, as well as a sate center. Stress can damage both of them. In the case of a post-stress person being always hungry and not feeling sated, so called bulimia develops. The person starts to have a indomitable desire to consume an excessive amount of food that cannot be controlled. After some time, this factor causes obesity.

In addition, consuming food is a pleasure. Often food becomes a source of positive emotions for post-stress people and that’s why they consume excess calories that eventually lead to obesity.

What happens to the body during stress?

As for hormones – as a result of stress, body discharges stress hormone-cortisol that can influence other hormones and cause fat accumulation on the front wall of the abdomen.

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