Pregnancy and hair dyeing – How should a pregnant woman dye her hair?

Pregnancy and hair dyeing – How should a pregnant woman dye her hair?

Can you dye your hair during pregnancy? The answer to this question is interesting for many pregnant women.

National Center of Surgery, "New Life" clinic’s head of the antenatal surveillance unit and obstetrician-gynecologist Tatia Tskhomelidze discusses the topic.

obstetrician-gynecologist’s 5 golden advices to pregnant women regarding hair dyeing:

 It is recommended not to dye your hair tilll the second trimester. At the beginning of pregnancy, hair growth may be more active and consequent due to hormonal changes. Therefore, you have to dye it more frequently. It is best to avoid dyeing your hair up to 12 weeks of pregnancy (the first 3 months), because in those 12 weeks the fetus organogenesis  (the organ development) takes place. Despite the fact that ammonia-free and natural hair dye  does not harm the body, it’s still not worth the risk;

The safest is to dye the ends of your hair and not the roots.

When dyeing the roots, use a special hat for hair dye to avoid or minimize hair dye’s contact with skin. Remember that hair dye is better absorbed from skin pores, which creates the certain risks.

Use ammonia-free or natural hair dyes (for example, hennna). Hair decolorizing (whitening) is categorically not recommended.

Whether It’s in a salon or a house, pregnant woman should be seated near the window or  ventilated place, in order to lessen the breathing in smell of toxic hair dye with an unpleasant odor.

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