Angiological promotion

Angiological promotion

National Center of Surgery for 65 GEL instead of 165 GEL offers angiologist consultation and discount on angiological examinations

You can use the promotion if you are bothered by the following types of complaints:

  • Limb or limb pain, heaviness, and swelling;
  • A history of thrombosis or thromboembolism in the anamnesis;
  • Coldness of the ankle or limb;
  • "Knots" of the limbs at night (so-called cramps, cramps in the limbs).

The following studies will be conducted within the promotion:

  • Vascular dopplerography with the latest generation ultrasound machine Toshiba Aplio 500;
  • General blood test;
  • Coagulogram.

The promotion is valid on every Wednesday!

Please, note that, patients are registered in advance at the following contact number: 577 119 119 ან 2 02 25 25.

Wish you health!

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