Computed Tomography Of The Shoulder

Computed Tomography Of The Shoulder

Additional savings on radiological studies

Discounts are available at The National Center of Surgery for shoulder computed tomography. Utilize a special digital tool (PHILIPS VEREOS) for research, and with the assistance of qualified radiologists, arrive at a certain diagnosis.


The discount price of the research is 150 GEL instead of 230 GEL!


The discount is valid every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


The benefit of 128-sided computed tomography is that it can catch diseases in their very early stages. The multi-sided scanner picks up even the tiniest shape, which in turn discloses the pathology and lets us view a variety of things, including potentially cancerous conditions!


Please register in advance at +995 577 119 119 or +995 322 02 25 25 to take advantage of the promotion.
Every day, The National Center of Surgery is open 24 hours a day.


Wish you health!

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