Surgical oncologist promotion

The National Center of Surgery offers discounted abdominal organs surgical oncologist consultation

As part of the promotion, you will get a consultation with a surgical oncologist for abdominal organs (stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines) for only 15 GEL!

You can use the promotion in the following situations:

  • Oncological disease history in family anamnesis
  • You have been a cancer patient in the past;
  • Had a radiological examination (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasound of the abdomen) to determine the method of treatment;
  • You are suffering from abdominal pain and it is necessary to specify which research method you need.

The action will be led by oncologist Gigo Pichkhaia.

The promotion is valid on every Monday!

If you are interested, please pre-register at: 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25.

Wish you health!

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