Promotion for COVID-transmitted patient

Promotion for COVID-transmitted patient

Supported promotion for COVID-transmitted patients from the National Center of Surgery

For patients who have undergone COVID- infection, especially asymptomatic or mildly transmitted cases where you want to know what traces of viral infection has left in your lungs or need a computed tomography of the lungs, the National Center of Surgery offers a supportive promotion.

Prerequisite for participation in the promotion is:

  • 14 days must have passed since the confirmation of COVID-19;
  • You must provide a paper or electronic (telephone) version of the PCR test.

You will receive the following services within the campaign:

  1. Computed tomography of the lungs (detailed examination of the heart and chest organs);
  2. General blood test (interpreted by a pulmonologist);
  3. Pulmonologist consultation (issues appointments and is involved in rehabilitation processes).

The promotion is valid until December 31!

If you want to take advantage of this promotion, please register in advance at: 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25!

Wish you health!