Outpatient Department

Every day, a lot of people use the outpatient services of the National Center of Surgery.

The increase in the number of patients is caused by the availability of the varied examinations that the Outpatient Department of our clinic offers to the population. Every day, the clinic offers promotions, where patients receive magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, full endoscopic examination with the latest gastro and colonoscopy machine, ultrasound at a low cost and other.

Outpatient Department is represented by 97 employees. All of them care about the comfort of the patient who came to the clinic to get the desired examination.

It should be noted that the department is equipped with ultra-modern machines.

The brand new Magnetic Resonance Tomograph-VANTAGE ELAN, manufactured by the company TOSHIBA, which is one of the best in the world market. The device is equipped with powerful technological packages and the latest scanning modes. It is distinguished by the high quality of the image and the fastest visualization. It helps to diagnose neurologic, orthopedic, angiologic, oncologic and gynecologic diseases.

Magnetic resonance imaging plays an important role in observing patients with oncologic or other chronic diseases.

It should be noted that this method of imaging is absolutely safe for health because X-rays or ionizing radiation are not used during the screening of human tissues and internal organs.

One of the best MRI machines is present at the National Center of Surgery!


Magnetic resonance imaging has recently been provided with Software Upgrade Package for Vantage Elan V4, this provides an ideal image, and in addition, it can do a full body scan for routine research price, which is a great privilege for the patient and a priority for our clinic


To the patients who came to the clinic, a 16-slice Toshiba Aquilion RXL computed tomography device is very helpful.

This multislice computed tomography "Toshiba Aquilon RXL" is a leader in its class. The most important factor in the CT system is the high quality of the image. That is why "Toshiba" has developed a number of innovative technologies and implemented them in "Aquilion RXL" system. The most recent "Toshiba" system AIDR- 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D), is also installed in "Aquilion RXL". This system reduces the irradiation dose and maintains the high-quality imaging. The device is equipped with a new CT-perfusion function (CT Cerebral blood perfusion), which is an inseparable and powerful tool for our neurosurgical service - with this research they get the best outcome in terms of stroke management and are easily planning the further examination or treatment.

The advantage of the latest echocardiography machine TOSHIBA Aplio 400 is high-quality images. Aplio 400 is an accurate diagnostic tool. The machine has all the functions for ultrasound scanning, but the innovative method implemented in this machine is especially remarkable. Speckle tracking - 2D Strain Echocardiography is a method of studying which allows to explain the pathophysiologic mechanism and show asymptomatic, early signs of left ventricular dysfunction while studying myocardial deformity.

Speckle tracking - the fundamental principle of echocardiography study is the observation of the spots - acoustic markers movement caused by the natural light refraction of ultrasound rays on the border of two different densities.

Analyzing this motion in two-dimensional mode determines the displacement, the frequency of movement (speed), deformation and deformation speed, and heart rotation processes of the segments of interest. 2D strain technology in three dimensions - a linear, circular and radial directions can assess segmental and global myocardial contraction and rotational mechanics by analyzing myocardial deformity and describing heart rotation and Twisting/Untwisting processes.

High informativeness, the simplicity of performance and the possibility of using it multiple times define popularity and broad usage of 2D strain technology. For this purpose, the leaders of National Center of Surgery made the decision to own the latest echocardiography machine TOSHIBA Aplio 400 with this function.

The National Center of Surgery is equipped with the latest ultrasound machine "Toshiba Aplio 500".It is distinguished by the modern system of visualization, high precision, and sensitivity programs. Monitoring the results of the treatment is highly accurate, which ensures maximum safety for patients.

The advantages of the device are the elastography Modality. Ultrasound elastography. This is a color-oriented form to determine the density of formations or glandular organs, such as thyroid and mammary glands, as well as liver and spleen. The higher the density, the greater the risk of malignant disease.

With the help of Fly Thru mode, you virtually explore the walls and cavities of vessels and organs (such as gallbladder and bladder) from the inside in 4D. It can differentiate between the polyp and concrement, atherosclerotic plaque and other formation, that will help in accurate diagnosis.